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Blink Classics for the fourth time

For the fourth time, Blink festival will organize a long distance race. In collaboration with Alliansloppet and the long distance race in Toppidrettsveka, Blink Classics will be a part of the long distance rollerskicup called "Guide World Classic Tour". Last years reace became a success for both athletes and audience. 

Wednesday the 31st of July the mass start is off in centre of Ålgård city. Some of the best long distance skiiers alongside with some of the best allroundskiiers in the world. It will be exciting to see who can claim the third edition of Blink Classics.

There will be different races to chose from as an athlete. The main course is 60km in distance. This race is for the elite and active athletes. Further on we also offers a 50km course which follows most of the elite course, but is set to fit excercisers. We also has two shorter tracks (20km and 14km) which is good for youth athletes, excercisers and newbeginners. All of the races will be held in mass start and with classical skiis. The race is open for both the elite, youth and excerciser. If you compete in the longest course you will be standing face to face with the worlds greatest skiiers.

We urges everyone who wants to compete to register for the race. No matter if you want to do the race as a competition or a trip, we want all to be a part of the race! Is 50-60km to long? Choose the shorter tracks this year, and maybe try the longer track next year!


Video of the Blink 60km track from 2018


Four tracks - opportunities for everyone

Blink Classic is a rollerskiier race with start in Ålgård and finish in the city centre of Sandnes. Last year we provided four different tracks for athletes to compete in. We have 60km for elite and juniors. 50km for strong excercisers and juniors. 20km for youths and excercisers. And finaly the new track, a 14km long race for new beginners and excercisers. Youngest athlete allowed to race in 2019 (short track) will have to be born in 2005 or earlier (15 years of age). Youngest athlete allowed in the longer tracks will have to be born in 2003 or earlier (17 years of age). There will be used training wheels on the rollerski (Type 2 wheels for 60km women, 50km and 20km) and (Type 3 wheels for 60km men). This is for safety reasons.

Cours map 2019
20 km
50 km
60 km


Main course 60km

The main track of 60km will have sprints during the race and several food stations. The track will be similar to the 2018 edition:
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Profil 60km track.
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Rules, info and registration

The only limitation for the races is the age limitation. To participate you have to be 15 years of age in the short track. To race the long tracks you have to 17 years of age. We recommend you to find a track suitable for you level of skill. If you are not sure, pick the short track this year and try the longer next year!
Information regarding the start area in Ålgård in PDF here!

Rules for the race you can find here, Which is the same that Guid World Classic Tour uses, and Alliansloppet which we collaborate with.

There are also rules for service during the race. Read them here!

Wheel types Blink Classics

Long tracks: Blink Classics 50 and 60 km everyone will get loan skiis.
15 km and 20 km will use training wheels with resistans 2.