Lysebotn opp

Lysebotn opp is a traditional uphill race arranged each year at the Blink festival.
Information for athletes 
Information regarding transport (boat)

For most athletes this is one of the hardest and best test during the summer. It is always exciting to see who has done their summer training well in front of a new season in this spectacular race!

A part from elite athletes and excercisers, the younger athletes will also get a change to compete in the uphill race. The youngest of athletes only compete in the last 1-2km of the track, but will experience the same cheering and athmosphere as the elite athletes. This is the summers greatest experience, both for athletes and audience!


Wheel types on rolleskiis Lysebotn Opp

1 km and 2 km race will compete on their own skiis. In youths of 12 years or younger it is free to choose the wheeltype you would like (except racingwheels above 80mm). Youths from 13-16 years old (and women 17-18 years competing the short track) should use black rubberwheels (IDT 1 wheels or slower). Juniorskiis with black rubberwheels are allowed. There will be wheels controlled at the start.

Athletes racing the long race will get loan skiis.

Excercises will get loan classical skiis, 2 wheels.

Chips and bibs:

All athletes will get their bibs and chips by their start.
Remember to deliver in chips and bibs after racing. Important as the chips will be used the day after in Sandnes. Undelivered chip will have to be replaced with a fine of 600 kr.


Qualification Lysebotn Opp Elite Thursday the 1st of August:

Athletes in the mass start will be seeded. Startbib will give the starting position. 1-10 in the front line, and so on. Seeding is based on last years result in Lysebotn Opp, FIS points, and by seeding of the organizers. There will be plenty of time to pass athletes during the race, so respect the seeding and start at given place. For senior athletes there will be both elite class and excercie class. We urge every excerciser to also compete in the long distance race Blink Classic the 31st of July.