Ferry transport

Ny tansportation opportunity for athletes at "Lysebotn Opp"

Together with The Fjords we have made the following transportation opportunity with ferry to Lysebotn: 
Departure 07.30 in the morning from Lauvik ferry pier, 20-25 minutes drive from Sandnes. This is a nice tourist ferry with restaurant with the capacity of 194 people. The ferrytrip to Lysebotn is a wonderful experience in spectacular nature. At Lauvik there is parkingopportunity. The ferry also has capacity for cars, but there will not be allowed to drive up the Lysebotn hill before after the races are completed. Vi therefore recommend you park at Lauvik. If the need is big there will be busses traveling from Sandnes to Lauvik at 06.50 in the morning. If you have to take car with you on the ferry, you will have to buy tickets for the car at the pier before departure. There are a limited capacity for cars.

Arrival at Lysebotn will be approximatly at 09.30, and there will be buses carriyng the athletes and companions to the start and finish. For those who starts at the bottom in Lysebotn (long race), the ferry can be used until it departure at 11.30.
After the races, there will be buses carriyng athletes and companions to the ferry pier. The ferry will return with a departure time between 18.00 and 18.15.

(Athletes with companions will have explicit access to registration between 8th of May and 22nd of May. After these dates it is open for everyone.)

Booking of tickets can be done here:: (From 8th of May - 22th of May)
Choose from Lauvvik to Lysebotn. Chose departure at 07.30. It will say the trip will take 2,5 hour, but this is the standard time added to the system. The ferry will arrive after 2hours at 09.30 in Lysebotn. Return at 18.00

If it is desirable with bus from Sandnes to Lauvvik. Please send mail with number of people to To cover the carge for the bus, each person will pay a ticket of 50kr. (No mather the age)

We think this is the best option to get to Lyseebotn. If you go by car you will have to park 2-3km from the finish line, where shuttlebus will pick you up. Therefore you will have to take 3-4hours into account if you are driving to Lysebotn.