Where to stay? How to get from A to B? Where to park? Most of the answers you will find here, in addition to some practical information.

Audience info at Ålgård during Blink Classics

We hope as many as possible will head out to the startline at Ålgård, the finishline at Sandnes, or somewhere along the tracks. We hope the ones not competing will cheer on the worlds best athletes as they go through the 60km race.


Get more out of your experience in Sandnes during the Blink festival - Get in on one of the citys accomodation places.
We will provide you with the alternatives!


How to get from A to B during the festival?


Because of the Blink festival the main parking area in the city will be closed. But there are a lot of options for parking in and surrounding the city centre.
Map of parking