How to get from A to B during the festival?

Transport to Lysebotn

The easiest and best transport is to take the ferry from Lauvik to Lysebotn.

By Car it will take a 3 hours drive from Sandnes to Lysebotn (Sandnes, Ålgård, Sirdal, Lysebotn). It is limited of parking places close to the race, so you will probable have to park in some distance to the race. There will be shuttlebus free of charge to take you down to the race from your parking. We encourage people to drive together to save room for other cars.

The road from the finish line down to the start will be closed. There will be buses taking athletes from finish to start for the long races. Bus timetable will come closer to the festival. These will go on time, so do not be late!
For athletes racing the short track, you will have to make the walk down to the startline. There will be no possibilities to go by car to the start.


Transport during the Festival in Sandnes

There will be no arranged transport during the days in Sandnes, but Kolumbus (bus company) have a good website to plan your travel by bus. Travelplanner